Creating The Perfect Prize

It’s important to try to keep your prize tightly focused around what it is you do/sell. This helps your audience stay relevant based around people who WANT your stuff! Too many people make the mistake when picking prizes for giveaways that are WAY too general. iPhones/iPads for example are great BUT not on the same planet as charcuterie gift baskets! Remember: It’s NOT about getting everyone. It’s about getting the people who are most relevant and interested!

Your goal is to push into the public with images/prizes perfectly in line with your brand!

You’ll want to provide something awesome that you sell.

WHO Are You Targeting?

You can always run multiple promos targeting different subsections of your market.

The reason for this is because you aren’t just advertising the giveaway, you are letting folks know you exist! The upsell you offer them after they sign up should be in line with their desires/age/goals. The closer you nail that the more sales you can expect!

Target Retail Price:

You’ll want your prize to be at least $300 in “retail” value. This does not mean you’ll spend that much! Price out your perfect prize with us first. If we are going to provide your custom prize, that means you’ll pay A LOT less!

Make It Personal:

Whoever wins, make sure they have the option to personalize the prize. An example would be an engraved charcuterie board (large for a single prize or multiple small ones for a family of 2-4)

Prize Ideas:

This gift box has been a strong draw. You can feature this as well as any others you decide!

Everybody Wins Prize:

Make sure to always offer an EW prize for every person who signs up. In this case you can always offer a recording of one of our virtual classes. “Learn To Make Beautiful Charcuterie At Home FREE” can be a strong draw! EW prizes can dramatically enhance the volume of signups you get! If you go with something else, make sure it doesn’t cost you anything to deliver it!

  • Parents/mothers with young children
    • Fun, age appropriate gifts baskets
    • Combine with age appropriate books
    • “Fun for the whole family” make charcuterie together
    • Possibly custom boards with their family last name engraved
  • Grandparents
    • Decide what age the grand kids are
    • See above and build a fun gift
  • General Public
    • Personalized charcuterie gift basket (large size)
    • Personalized charcuterie board
    • Enhancer: $50 gift card to your store (optional)

Local Partnership Boosters:

You can always reach out to other, established local businesses. If they are willing to BOTH include something in the prize as well as promote (post to social) the giveaway, you can offer:

  • To include their social handles “follow for more entries”
  • Include their branding on your promotional graphics

As most local companies will not have an email list, make it easy for them to promote! Have them post the link to social a few times each month.

DO NOT charge for this! This is an ice breaker and relationship builder with companies who can help spread the word about you in the future!