Building Audiences Inside FaceBook

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Even after hits like iOS14 FaceBook can be a powerful place to advertise. This disruption-based platform is perfect for building audiences of people who engage with your content (build your own pond) and then retargeting them with offers.

Make sure to also use this when running your perpetual, audience growing giveaway!

Remember: Building audiences from those who engage with your brand is not instant. It can take some time to dial in. You’ll want to adopt the “I will test until I crack it” mindset!

Simple Setup:

  • Start by setting up/verifying your business
    • Business Facebook
    • Link your business Instagram and FaceBook pages
    • Enter your business details
    • Verify your domain:
    • Setup your payment method:
  • Need Help? Follow their setup guide

Baseline Social Posts:

  • Make sure you have made at least 5 posts on both FB & IG before running any advertising
  • This is so you at least look real

Creating Your Audience/Building Your Pond:

You can start building a targeted audience right away by posting videos to your business page and running them as ads. You can then build an audience inside of FB/IG based off those who have watched a certain percentage or time.

How To Create Custom Audiences:

  • Navigate to
  • Click “Create Audience”
  • Custom Audience: Create a new audience for each option
    • Website (after you have a bit of traffic)
    • Instagram account (once you have real followers)
    • Videos (once you have posted videos)
      • Start with anyone who has watched 10 seconds
      • Create an audience all the way up to 95%
    • FaceBook Page
    • Customer list (once you have paying customers)

Audiences To Build Over Time:

  • Anyone who has sent a DM to your page
  • People who have viewed your videos
    • 10 seconds
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 95%
    • Any others you want to test
  • Upload your customer list (once you hit 300+)
  • Upload leads who have registered for your giveaway