Fast & Simple Equipment

The rule of the day is “User Generated Content”. UGC for short. The reason this sort of content is so popular is because it doesn’t look AT ALL like a flashy commercial.

This is great for content creators because it means you don’t need to buy thousands of dollars of equipment! Especially not if you’re just getting started.

Smartphone Cameras:

You should be just fine using an iPhone Pro or Pro Max 12 or higher.

Google/Android and similar high-end smart phones with high resolution cameras are also great.

Your Space:

Because being a content creator DOES NOT mean you are also catering/serving in a commercial way, you DO NOT need any special permits or licenses.

However, you will want to be sure to have a well lit, clean space where you are able to take photos & videos at will.

Additional Equipment:

Depending on what kind of content you are making, it could make sense to purchase a tripod or two. These can be very low cost and can be found on