Identifying Your Customers & Expanding Your Brand

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Ask Chad To “Act As”:

Intro Prompt: Please act as an expert small business startup coach with a deep knowledge in catering, specifically modern charcuterie/grazing/food art. Your goal is to help me START/GROW a local charcuterie business by identifying ideal target clients (b2b and b2c), market opportunities as well as analyzing competition and looking for ways to grow profits and improve efficiency. If you understand, please write it as a short headline.

Ask Chad To Ask You Questions:

Prompt: Please always ask me any questions you believe will help create the most ideal outcomes before generating an answer when applicable.

If You Want To Grow (vs Just Starting):

Prompt: Acting as a local business growth strategist and marketing expert, please help me identify opportunities to get more customers, improve my brand, increase profits, streamline processes and any other positive outcomes to save me time, increase profits while improving my brand and customer experience. To help, I have included information about what we are doing currently. After analyzing this info, please ask me any questions you believe will help create the most ideal outcomes before generating an answer when applicable. (INCLUDE INFO FROM QUESTIONS BELOW)

Past Successes:
  • What marketing strategies have been most successful for your business to date?
  • Are there any products that consistently outperform others in terms of sales or customer satisfaction?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of in your business so far?
Geographical Location:
  • Are you looking to expand within your current location or are you considering other locations as well?
  • Are there specific spots within your area (like markets, events, or partnerships) where your products sell exceptionally well?
Customer Observations:
  • Do you notice any recurring trends with the type of customers who purchase from you? (e.g., are they often buying for events, as gifts, or for personal consumption?)
  • Have customers expressed any specific preferences or aversions to certain products?
  • Do you have any customer testimonials or feedback that you’ve acted upon?
Operational Details:
  • What is your current production capacity and are you looking to scale that?
  • How do you manage inventory and supply chain currently?
  • What platforms do you use for sales (e.g., in-person, website, social media)?
  • What are your key performance indicators (KPIs), and how do you track them?
  • Do you have a budget allocated for growth, and what does it cover (marketing, expansion, staffing)?
  • What are your current profit margins?
  • Are you currently using any advertising methods? (Digital advertising, print, word-of-mouth, etc.)
  • Do you have an email list and how are you leveraging it?
  • What social media platforms are you active on, and which are most effective for your business?
Competitive Landscape:
  • How do you differentiate from your competitors?
  • Are there market gaps or unmet needs that you have observed in your industry?
Future Plans:
  • Are there any upcoming trends or technologies that you are looking to leverage?
  • Do you plan to introduce new products or services in the near future?
  • Are you considering any partnerships, collaborations, or cross-promotions?

Start With Your Customer:

Provide Chad With Info To The Following Questions:

Note: If you do not know, provide Chad with info about your location and ask for help and ideas.

Geographical Location:
  • What specific locations within my target area have the highest footfall or customer engagement for food businesses?
  • Are there any underserved areas in my geographical location?
  • What is the predominant age group in my target area?
  • Are there specific gender biases in purchasing behaviors for charcuterie in my target location?
  • What is the average income level of people in this area, and how does it align with my pricing?
  • What are the prevailing lifestyle trends in my target area? For example, is there a strong fitness culture or a focus on luxury?
  • What kind of eating habits are most common here? Are people more inclined toward organic, locally sourced foods?
Consumer Behavior:
  • What is the frequency of charcuterie board or grazing table purchases in the area?
  • Do people in my target area prefer to shop online or in physical stores for these kinds of
  • products?
Pain Points:
  • Are there any common complaints about existing providers that my business could solve?
  • Is there a lack of specialized or gourmet offerings in the charcuterie market in this area?
Competitive Analysis:
  • What businesses are my direct competitors in this market?
  • How do these competitors market themselves, and what is their unique selling proposition?
Market Trends:
  • Are there any local food trends, like farm-to-table, that my business could tap into?
  • How do seasonality and local events affect food businesses in my target area?

If You Do Not Know The Info: Ask!

Prompt: I’m working on answering core questions about my startup grazing/charcuterie business starting in YOUR AREA and need some help. Please provide me with the most up to date info you can for the following questions: PASTE QUESTIONS HERE

Generating Your Customer Avatar:

Prompt: I am just starting my charcuterie/grazing catering business and need some help identifying my target customer avatar for b2b and b2c sales. Below is my company info and answers to some questions that might help.

Based on the previous information, please create a table with the customer avatar that describes a typical customer for my target customer in my geographic area. Please also notate any areas where b2b customers may be different from b2c customers.

Make sure to include the following:

Background (Job, Career path, Family), Demographics (Age, Income), Interests (Hobbies, Leisure Time, Media, Influencers, Podcasts they listen to, Books/magazines they read, Conferences and/or events they attend, Websites/apps/blogs of interest), Identifiers (Demeanor, Communication Preferences), Goals (Primary goal, Secondary goal), Challenges (primary challenge, secondary challenge), What emotional reasons drive them to buy charcuterie/grazing, what sort of significance do they get from offering charcuterie/grazing? What can we do? (To help their goal, To help overcome their challenges), Common objectives (Why wouldn’t they buy?), Elevator pitch.