Interview With Meghan Salgado: How To Create & Run A Powerful Business

Opened 16 Locations & Grew To $106.9 Million In Sales
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Outline of Meghan’s Interview

Introduction (00:00)
Brief overview of Meghan’s role and experience.

Past Experience and Training (01:05)
Meghan’s role in restaurant openings and the importance of SOPs.

Importance of SOPs (03:08)
The role of SOPs in ensuring product consistency.

Balancing Artistry and SOPs (04:31)
The tension between artistic expression and standardization.

Importance of SOPs in Large Orders (06:47)
How SOPs are crucial for fulfilling large orders efficiently.

Inventory Management (09:33)
Vendor relationships, order guides, and managing inventory pars.

Tracking and Metrics (11:22)
Use of Excel spreadsheets and waste sheets for tracking.

Kitchen Setup (13:44)
The importance of a well-organized kitchen layout.

Importance of Walk-in Coolers (16:47)
The utility of walk-in coolers for large orders and advance preparation.

Commercial Kitchen vs. Non-Commercial Kitchen (17:26)
The myth about needing a commercial kitchen for a charcuterie business.

Space and Layout (15:00)
Challenges and importance of a well-thought-out layout.

Importance of Weight and Measurement (12:45)
Measuring items by weight, cups, and ounces for inventory management.