Meat & Cheese

As the exact names of anything you feature can be subject to local availability, will provide basic overviews.

In your class, you introduce a diverse selection of cheeses and meats, emphasizing hands-on learning and minimizing the use of sharp utensils for safety:

  • Manchego: You teach how to create a zig zag & crown with pre-sliced Manchego, using a rectangular cold food pan for transport. This approach ensures safety and efficiency.
  • Brie: Attendees learn to fan half a wheel of Brie, enhancing their plating skills. Pre-sliced for convenience, it’s transported in a rectangular cold food pan.
  • Chevre: You pre-slice goat cheese with a wire slicer, providing four pieces per guest to avoid mess and additional utensil needs, also using a rectangular cold food pan for transport.
  • Italian Dried Salami: The number of slices varies based on the class activity, pre-counted and kept refrigerated to maintain freshness and ease of use.

This setup not only facilitates an engaging learning environment but also ensures a diverse experience with charcuterie board creation, focusing on fun, safety, and the art of presentation.

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