Nuts/Cornichons/Olives Oh My!

In your workshop, adding a variety of nuts, olives, and cornichons introduces a range of flavors and colors, enhancing the visual appeal and taste of your charcuterie boards:

  • Pistachios: Offer a salty crunch, and their vibrant green adds a pop of color.
  • Praline Pecans: Bring a sweet contrast, perfect for balancing the savory elements.
  • Cornichons: Provide a savory, tangy bite, adding depth and a different texture.

Pre-portion these items into separate ramekins for easy transport and setup. This method not only streamlines the assembly process but also creates an organized and visually appealing presentation.

Consider incorporating dried fruits like apricots or dried oranges, alongside fresh citrus or kiwi slices for an additional layer of flavor and color. Crackers and a small container of honey (with a dipper) complete the ensemble, offering a well-rounded selection that caters to all tastes and preferences.