Pricing Tips: Public Events

For public charcuterie workshops, consider the following pricing strategy:

  1. Base Ticket Price: Calculate your base price by adding the cost of materials per attendee plus a portion of fixed expenses like venue rental. Then, incorporate a markup for profit. Starting at $79 – $95 per ticket could be a strategic point, ensuring you cover costs while remaining accessible.
  2. Weekday vs. Weekend Pricing: Capitalize on slower business days, like Tuesdays through Thursdays, for regular public sessions, potentially at a standard rate (e.g., $95/ticket). For weekend workshops, which might demand higher interest, consider a slight increase (e.g., $110/ticket) to reflect the premium timing.
  3. Volume Discounts or Early Bird Specials: Encourage early sign-ups or group bookings by offering discounted rates, such as $85 for early bird registrations or groups of 4+.
  4. Dynamic Pricing: As your workshops gain popularity, reassess and adjust prices accordingly. Increased demand validates the perceived value of your workshops, justifying gradual price increases.
  5. Specialty Workshops: For themed events (e.g., Valentine’s Day couples’ workshop), set a specific rate that reflects the unique offering, possibly higher due to the specialized nature (e.g., $125 per couple).

This strategy aims to balance profitability with market accessibility, ensuring your workshops are both competitive and rewarding.