Sales Multipliers Part 2 – Automate & Outsource

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NOTE: You’ll want to set these up after you have established your brand, website, have installed your FaceBook & Google Analytics and are ready to start making sales.

WHY Outsource or Automate: As you continue to exist as a business, publishing on social and connecting with more people, you tend to get A LOT of business reaching out to YOU! While this is great, I’m a strong believer in never leaving anything to chance.

Because B2B sales can be so lucrative, it’s important to have a steady reach OUT always going on in the background.

There are a ton of ways to make this happen, but the two that will reduce YOUR time involvement are either to automate or outsource.

IMPORTANT: When reaching out to B2B prospects it’s important to keep in mind that the initial goal is NOT to get them to buy right away. The goal is to have them request that our team contact them.

When To Outsource:

If you have targets who don’t have readily available email addresses and you must use the contact form on their sites.

Where To Find People:

I’ve used Upwork for years to locate top talent for this exact position.

HOW To Recruit People:

Inside Sales/Online Position With A Fun Company

We are an established custom gift basket company in the process of expanding into the B2B sector. This is a wonderful way for many business people to send personalized THANK YOU gifts, closing gifts and more to their customers and clients!

We are looking for a trustworthy, intelligent salesperson to initiate contact with prospects, answer their questions & guide them to fill out an inquiry form on our site.

Our sales team will take it from there.   

This entry level, online sales job will Initially have you contacting prospects in various markets via their website & DM to introduce them to our amazing products.

You will be provided with all the communications materials you need and will also be expected to improve on the process & help it evolve.  

You will be provided the tools you need to succeed, clear instructions, ongoing training, easy to follow

standard operating procedures & very clear Key Performance Indicators.  

Please put the phrase “YOUR WEEDER PHRASE” in the opening line of your reach out/cover letter when applying.  

Part of your ongoing duties will be tracking dates of initial contact & making notes about results in a Google sheet so we can best track your process.  

You will be compensated hourly. We look forward to hearing from you!

How To Automate:

When email addresses are available you will want to consider using Gmass.

I’ve used Gmass for MANY years with great success.

Click to check it out

Best Gmass Practices:

  • DO NOT go crazing sending tons of daily emails
  • DO NOT use your main company or personal Gmail account
  • IF you are going to use a new Gmail account, sure to “warm it up” before using the software
  • DO NOT send links in your initial email or follow ups.
  • Send links ONLY when somebody responds
  • Use ALL follow up messages (maximize!)