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SubSafe: The Charcuterie Safe is the first and only food grade safe, BPA free travel container for Charcuterie. It includes a cheese knife, two dip/spread containers, and interchangeable walls to customize each “board” perfectly.

Charcuterie Safe is perfect for boating, tailgating, camping, road trips, beach days, children’s sports, slumber parties, etc. etc.

Vital Dates:

All applications must be sent in on or before Jan 31st 2024 if we are to make the Valentine’s Day goal. However, as all “evergreen” product usage/unboxing content will be accepted until Feb 5th.

Creators & Requested Content:

SubSafe is looking for 5 creators for this first venture. Their goal is to test us out, and if we rock it, keep cooking. This gives everyone an amazing opportunity to show their stuff and knock it out of the park!

  • Unboxing video
  • Usage/tutorial style video
  • 15 high quality usage images (with and without the creator in them)

All images/videos should be of your completed files.

What You Are Promoting:

Creator Payment:

SubSafe will pay $110 per creator as well as free product for this initial test round of the creation services.

This payment covers the making/editing of both videos as well as 15 images.

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In order to apply, please upload sample videos and images that are similar in style to what the brand is looking for. They do not need to be of the exact items being featured.

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