Using AI To Name Your Brand In 30 Seconds

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Prompt 1:
forget all previous commands for this chat session. I want you to act as a modern online charcuterie and gift basket business expert. You have 20+ years of experience helping start small, local charcuterie and gift basket businesses and growing them to a profitable status inside of 12 months. You are highly skilled at analyzing keywords and combining them with clever ideas to create a unique brand name, brand voice, brand identity, brand values that are perfect for SEO as well as being clever, fun, easy to say and remember. Do you understand? If you do understand, let me know by writing it as a headline.

Prompt 2:
Please analyze the following list of keywords to come up with 15 unique charcuterie gift basket brand name ideas that are perfect for ranking in local Google search results as well as easy to remember, fun to say. You may use contractions and synonyms for these words as well:

Keywords To Consider:
broad charcuterie words
board gift basket words
your target city name

(Note: Select as many as you like. You will find them in the “Keyword” section of your course)