Reach Out Scripts & Templates

In the following section you will see copy/paste/edit scripts you can use when reaching out to venues. Please make sure to edit these so they include your exact details. We have also included follow up responses if you do not receive a message over the next 2 or 3 days.

Note: Followup is often the thing that will separate success from failure. You may use the followup provided for any/all locations you reach out to. Also, showing up in person can make all this much easier to lock down.

  1. Reaching Out to Your Favorite Spot
    Hey there!
    I’m [Your Name] from [Your Charcuterie Business]. You might have seen my creations on IG or FB at @[YourHandle]. I’m a huge fan of [Venue Name] and thought it’d be awesome to team up for a charcuterie workshop. It’s all about teaching the magic behind making beautiful boards, and I handle everything – ingredients, tickets, you name it. Here are a few snaps of my work. What do you think about making some fun happen together at your place?
    Let’s chat? My number is [Your Number]. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Following Up
    Hey [Business Owner’s Name],
    Just wanted to circle back on my previous message about hosting a charcuterie workshop at [Venue Name]. I think it could be a hit! If you’re interested, I’d love to talk more about it. When’s a good time for you?
    Cheers, [Your Name]
  3. Pitching to a Community Center
    Hi [Coordinator’s Name],
    [Your Name] here from [Your Charcuterie Business]. I’m all about bringing people together through the art of charcuterie and thought [Venue Name] would be the perfect place for a community workshop. Interested in hosting some culinary fun?
    Hope to hear from you soon, [Your Name]
  4. Proposing Regular Events to Restaurants
    Hello [Manager’s Name],
    I’m [Your Name], the face behind [Your Charcuterie Business]. I’ve been dreaming up the idea of regular charcuterie nights at [Restaurant Name], especially on those quieter evenings. It’s a great way to bring in a crowd and showcase our shared love for good food and vibes. Thoughts?
    Looking forward to chatting, [Your Name]
  5. Collaboration Offer to Wineries/Breweries
    Hi [Owner’s Name],
    It’s [Your Name] from [Your Charcuterie Business]. Your selection at [Winery/Brewery Name] is impeccable, and I’m itching to match it with my charcuterie skills for a workshop. Imagine the pairings! Could we meet to brainstorm this collaboration?
    Best, [Your Name]
  6. Seasonal Workshop Idea
    Hey [Contact Person],
    With [Season/Event] around the corner, I’m [Your Name], thinking a charcuterie workshop at [Venue Name] could be the highlight. It’s a hands-on, tasty fun time for everyone. Keen to talk about making this season extra special?
    Thanks, [Your Name]

Remember, each template is a starting point. Tailor them to reflect your personality and the unique aspects of your workshop to make your proposal stand out.