As Your Guests Arrive

When your guests arrive for the workshop, creating a welcoming and organized environment is crucial for setting the right tone for the event. Here’s how to ensure a smooth start:

  1. Warm Greeting: Position yourself near the entrance to greet guests as they arrive. A friendly welcome can help put attendees at ease and foster a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Check-in Process: Have a check-in table or area set up with a guest list to mark off names as attendees arrive. This helps keep track of who has arrived and assists with any pre-event communication needs.
  3. Name Tags: Provide name tags for guests to fill out. This encourages interaction among participants and helps you address them by name during the workshop.
  4. Workshop Overview Handouts: Distribute any materials or handouts that outline the workshop flow, key concepts to be covered, and any other pertinent information. This gives attendees a clear idea of what to expect.
  5. Station Assignment: If guests have pre-assigned stations, guide them to their spots. For a more casual setup, allow them to choose their stations.
  6. Early Engagement: Engage early arrivals with a brief discussion about what they’re looking forward to learning, or provide an icebreaker activity related to charcuterie to keep them engaged while waiting for others.
  7. Refreshments: If you’re offering refreshments before the event starts, direct guests to where they can find them. This can be a simple setup with water, tea, or light snacks.
  8. Venue Tour: For those interested or for smaller groups, offer a quick tour of the venue, highlighting where important facilities like restrooms are located.
  9. Preparation Reminder: Give a gentle reminder to guests about washing their hands before the workshop begins, directing them to restrooms or handwashing stations.

By focusing on these details as your guests arrive, you’ll ensure a smooth start to your workshop, making attendees feel valued, comfortable, and excited about the experience ahead.