Setting Up On Location

Setting up on location for a charcuterie workshop involves careful organization and attention to detail. Here’s a detailed breakdown to ensure everything is in place for a successful event:

  1. Venue Walkthrough: Upon arrival, do a quick walkthrough of the venue to ensure it matches your setup requirements. Verify the availability of tables, chairs, and any A/V equipment if needed.
  2. Equipment and Supplies Setup:
    • Unpack and arrange your charcuterie ingredients (meats, cheeses, fruits, etc.) in a way that’s both visually appealing and accessible.
    • Set up cutting boards, knives, and any other utensils each participant will need.
    • Place disposable gloves and napkins at each station for hygiene.
  3. Food Display and Preservation:
    • Keep perishable items like meats and cheeses in coolers with ice packs until the last possible moment to ensure freshness.
    • Use decorative elements like slate boards or large leaves under ingredients to enhance visual appeal.
  4. Workshop Station Preparation:
    • Ensure each participant’s workstation has enough space for crafting their charcuterie boards.
    • Pre-arrange any shared items, like jars of olives or bowls of nuts, in the center of the tables for easy access.
  5. Audio/Visual Check:
    • If using a microphone or speaker system, test it ahead of time to ensure all attendees can hear you.
    • If demonstrating techniques up close, consider setting up a camera linked to a larger screen for easier viewing.
  6. Signage and Decoration:
    • Place any banners or signs that promote the workshop or provide directions within the venue.
    • Decorate the space with thematic elements that match the charcuterie workshop vibe, such as rustic tablecloths or floral arrangements.
  7. Safety Measures:
    • Arrange first aid kits and safety information in visible areas.
    • Review any venue-specific safety protocols or emergency exits with the attendees.
  8. Engagement Prep:
    • Prepare any materials or notes for your opening speech, icebreakers, or instructional segments.
    • Set up a photo booth or backdrop for attendees to take pictures of their creations, enhancing social media sharing.
  9. Refreshments and Extras:
    • If offering additional refreshments or snacks, set these up in a designated area away from the main workshop space.
    • Consider a welcome table with name tags, workshop agendas, or takeaway materials for participants.
  10. Final Touches:
    • Walk through the space as if you’re an attendee, adjusting anything that seems out of place or inconvenient.
    • Take a few deep breaths and prepare to welcome your guests warmly, setting the tone for a fun and educational experience.

By following this comprehensive setup guide, you’ll ensure a smooth and engaging charcuterie workshop, creating a memorable experience for all participants.