Boards & Board Alternatives

When hosting live charcuterie workshops, the size of the boards you choose plays a critical role in the overall experience for your attendees. Opt for boards that are not too large, making them manageable for beginners, yet spacious enough to allow for creativity. A medium-sized board, approximately 12×8 inches, is often ideal. This size provides ample space for a variety of charcuterie items without being overwhelming.

Alternatives to Traditional Boards

  1. Silver Trays: Available at dollar stores or thrift shops, silver trays offer an elegant, cost-effective alternative to wooden charcuterie boards. Their reflective surface adds an upscale look to the arrangements.
  2. Disposable Bamboo Boards: For ease of cleanup and to simplify logistics, consider using disposable bamboo boards. They’re eco-friendly and look great.
  3. Slate Tiles: Slate tiles can serve as a stylish, modern backdrop for charcuterie, adding a different texture and color contrast to your presentation.

Sourcing Your Boards

  • Local Craft Stores: Often, you can find unfinished wooden boards that can be easily customized or used as-is for your workshops.
  • Dollar Stores: For budget-friendly alternatives like silver trays or even large ceramic plates.
  • Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, WebstaurantStore, or Etsy offer a wide range of options, from bamboo to slate, often with bulk purchase discounts.
  • Thrift Shops: A treasure trove for unique trays and boards that can add a vintage or eclectic feel to your workshops.
  • Amazon: Because it’s Amazon and they pretty much sell everything!

Try To Use The Same For Everyone

Choosing the right size and type of board not only influences the aesthetic of the final charcuterie arrangement but also impacts the ease with which participants can work. Smaller boards or trays can limit creativity, while overly large options may intimidate beginners.

And by picking a uniform look/size for all, everyone can feel great about their creations at the end of the evening!