Knives, Peelers & Cutting Surfaces

It’s going to be crucial to equip participants with the right tools for an enriching hands-on experience. Here’s a breakdown incorporating your provided information and additional insights:

  • Shopping for Tools: A recommended resource for all workshop essentials, including disposable boards and tools, is Opting for a membership can offer benefits like free shipping, which is excellent for bulk purchases.
  • Essential Tools:
    • Tin Pans: Ideal for holding grapes, fruit boats, and ramekins filled with nuts or cornichons/olives. They’re easily covered with food-grade aluminum foil and fit perfectly into cooler bags.
    • Insulated Food Cooler & Flexible Ice Sheets: Ensures the freshness of your ingredients during transport.
    • Rubbermaid Cold Food Pan: Recommended for storing and transporting salami and cheeses efficiently.
    • Bamboo Ramekins: Perfect for creating and transporting salami roses.
  • Transport and Storage Solutions:
    • 18 Gallon Tote Bin: Spacious enough to carry trays, placemats, cutting boards, knives, etc., for your class setup.
    • Push Dolly: An invaluable tool for moving heavy items effortlessly into the venue.
    • Storage Containers: Versatile for organizing knives and other utensils, fitting well within tote bins and serving as convenient storage when not in use.
    • Large Saran Wrap: Essential for covering and protecting larger items or food trays during transport. These are normally found at Costco and you’ll use them to wrap your guests treats before they take off.

Highlighting the importance of quality, durability, and convenience in selection, this section guides instructors on assembling a toolkit that not only facilitates a smooth workshop experience but also ensures the safety and effectiveness of food preparation and presentation.