How To 10x Your Sales: Winning B2B Clients

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B2B Settings:

Here’s a list of potential opportunities:

Corporate Settings

  1. Team Meetings: Individual charcuterie boxes can boost morale.
  2. Sales Meetings: A grazing table to impress prospective clients.
  3. Board Meetings: Luxurious platters for high-stake gatherings.
  4. Training Sessions: Quick and healthy charcuterie snacks to keep everyone energized.
  5. Office Celebrations: A grand grazing table for birthdays, promotions, or anniversaries.
  6. Employee Onboarding: Individual charcuterie boxes as a welcome gift.
  7. Client Thank You Gifts: Customized, engraved boards with a selection of charcuterie.
  8. Meeting Catering: Pre-packed charcuterie cones for ease and elegance.
  9. After-hours Networking Events: Grazing tables or charcuterie boards for casual mingling.
  10. Product Launches: Special themed charcuterie to match the product being introduced.

Real Estate

  1. Open Houses: Individual charcuterie jars or cones.
  2. Closing Gifts: Engraved charcuterie boards with high-end selections.


  1. Hotel Lobby Catering: A grand charcuterie table for welcoming guests.
  2. VIP Guest Gifts: Custom charcuterie boxes in the room as a welcome amenity.


  1. PTA Meetings: Healthy charcuterie boxes for parents and teachers.
  2. Graduation Celebrations: Large grazing tables for parties.


  1. Doctor Appreciation: Personalized charcuterie boxes as a thank-you gift.
  2. Nurse Appreciation Week: Grazing tables in the break room.

Community Events

  1. Farmers Markets: Sample boxes to introduce your products to the community.
  2. Art Shows: Elegant charcuterie setups to complement the art.


  1. Store Openings: Charcuterie cones for the first 100 visitors.
  2. Seasonal Sales Events: Grazing tables to entertain shoppers.

Sports and Entertainment

  1. VIP Boxes: Exclusive charcuterie platters for high-end ticket holders.
  2. Film Screenings: Custom charcuterie boxes that align with the movie theme.


  1. Car Shows: High-end charcuterie boards for VIP attendees.
  2. New Model Releases: Charcuterie tables at events showcasing the latest models.

Religious and Cultural Events

  1. Church Gatherings: Charcuterie boards that respect religious dietary restrictions.
  2. Cultural Festivals: Charcuterie selections that feature foods from the culture being celebrated.

Political Events

  1. Fundraisers: Luxurious charcuterie tables to attract higher donations.
  2. Election Night: Custom boards themed around the political party or candidate.

Senior Citizen Communities

  1. Weekly Socials: Light charcuterie boards that cater to various dietary needs.
  2. Holiday Gatherings: Seasonal charcuterie for special occasions.

Fitness and Wellness

  1. Yoga Retreats: Healthy charcuterie options with lots of fruits and lean meats.
  2. Gym Openings: Protein-packed charcuterie for attendees.

Publishing and Media

  1. Book Signings: Custom charcuterie boards that align with the book’s theme.
  2. Journalism Awards: Celebratory grazing tables for the winners and nominees.

Seasonal and Themed Parks

  1. Halloween Events: Spooky themed charcuterie.
  2. Christmas Markets: Festive charcuterie boards featuring seasonal flavors.

Virtual Events

  1. Webinars: Sending participants a charcuterie box to enjoy during the online event.
  2. Virtual Team Building: Individual charcuterie boxes sent to employees’ homes for synchronous enjoyment.

B2B Clients

Here’s a list of potential B2B clients and the situations where charcuterie could be a good fit:

1. Realtors

  • Situation: Open House Catering
    • Product: Individual charcuterie cones/jars
  • Situation: Closing Gifts
    • Product: Engraved boards + charcuterie

2. Corporate Event Planners

  • Situation: Corporate Retreats/Meetings
    • Product: Large grazing tables
  • Situation: Team Building Events
    • Product: Charcuterie making classes

3. Wedding Planners

  • Situation: Wedding Receptions
    • Product: Large grazing tables
  • Situation: Bridal Showers
    • Product: Individual charcuterie cones/jars

4. Local Businesses (Boutique Shops, Salons)

  • Situation: Customer Appreciation Days
    • Product: Small charcuterie boards for browsing customers

5. Hotels

  • Situation: VIP Guest Welcome
    • Product: Mini charcuterie boards
  • Situation: Event Catering
    • Product: Large grazing tables

6. Co-working Spaces

  • Situation: Networking Events
    • Product: Grazing tables or individual charcuterie cones

7. Car Dealerships

  • Situation: New Car Purchase Celebration
    • Product: Mini charcuterie boards for new car owners

8. Art Galleries

  • Situation: Exhibition Openings
    • Product: Small to large grazing tables, depending on the event size

9. Advertising Agencies

  • Situation: Client Meetings
    • Product: High-end charcuterie boards to impress clients

10. Law Firms

  • Situation: Client Appreciation
    • Product: Individual charcuterie jars or engraved boards as thank-you gifts

11. Financial Advisers

  • Situation: Client Onboarding or Milestones
    • Product: Engraved boards + charcuterie as welcome or thank-you gifts

12. Universities

  • Situation: Alumni Events
    • Product: Grazing tables
  • Situation: Guest Lectures or Panel Discussions
    • Product: Individual charcuterie cones/jars

13. Hospitals/Medical Offices

  • Situation: Staff Appreciation
    • Product: Large grazing tables in the break room

14. Wine or Liquor Stores

  • Situation: Tasting Events
    • Product: Individual charcuterie cones/jars to pair with wine or spirits

15. Leasing Agents/Condo Managers

  • Situation: Current Resident Gatherings/Community Events
    • Product: Grazing tables to enhance the sense of community and luxury.
  • Situation: Open Houses for Prospective Residents
    • Product: Individual charcuterie cones/jars to give an impression of the upscale lifestyle the building/community offers.

This target group has two unique situations that make them prime candidates for charcuterie products:

  1. Current Resident Gatherings: These events are designed to cultivate community among residents. A beautifully designed grazing table could serve as a conversation starter and add a touch of luxury to the event.
  2. Open Houses for Prospective Residents: Individual charcuterie cones or jars can offer a unique, high-end touch that sets a property apart from the competition. Offering these during tours could create a memorable experience for potential residents, leaving a lasting impression that could influence their decision to move in.