Local FaceBook & Instagram B2B Ads Formula

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How to name your ad:

  • MC-Leads-Realtors-09.02.23-01

Ad Name Formula:

  • Brand Name – Outcome – Target – DATE – Ad Version

Name your audience:

  • Realtor Employees Ville 25


  • Major real-estate companies EMPLOYERS
  • Agent/broker (job title)

Ad Copy Formula:

  • Speak to their most urgent need
  • Social proof
  • Call to action

Ad Images:

  • Test 6 different images that all show off your awesome charcuterie

Landing Page:

  • Yoursite.com/direct-landing-page

Using Chad:

Please create 5 different ideas for short facebook ads that speak directly to YOUR TARGET about using our charcuterie food art PURPOSE FOR CHARCUTERIE to blow their clients minds. Our gifts are gourmet, personalized and totally original. We offer delivery through all of YOUR AREA. Please create 5 ideas for body copy and 5 ideas for short subject lines that adhere to facebook ad guidelines

Note: Modify this to make it accurate to what you offer


Subject Line:
“Elevate Your Closing Gifts 🌟”

Body Copy:
Your service is top-notch, so why shouldn’t your closing gifts be? Choose our gourmet charcuterie boxes—personalized for that extra touch and delivered straight to your clients’ new home. Become the Realtor who gives unforgettable gifts!