More Sales Multiplier Targets

NOTE: You’ll want to do this AFTER you have chosen your brand, created your logo
& set up your social fortress.

When it comes to groups of people who tend to buy A LOT more than 1 gift basket at a time, the sky is really the limit. Below you will see a list of groups who you will want to test out.

You will want to “deli thin slice” each of these so that the marketing and landing page perfectly line up with their psychology/language and ideal outcome.

Event Planners: A huge volume of sales for our virtual classes come from just a few event planner contacts. We always work to be an amazing resource for them. Because when you help THEM look good, they help make you money!

Personal Home Assistants: Sometimes targeting people with money isn’t the best way to do it. Often those folks are so buried in their own lives they won’t notice! Instead, we found it makes A LOT of sense to go after “Personal Home Assistants”. These are folks HIRED by wealthy individuals to manage their in-home staff, meal planning, party planning and gift buying!

Accountants: Especially towards the end of the year, many firms like to send holiday and thank you gifts to clients.

Lawyers: There are MANY kinds of law firms who practice very different sorts of law. It will often make sense to micro slice each of them so that your ads speak their language. They, like accountants, will often send holiday and thank you gifts to their clients. We have lawyer clients who will place orders of 50+ custom baskets to be shipped all over to their top and long-term clients.

Consultants: The consulting world is all about building relationships. Remembering to give gifts to clients for the holidays and life milestones is a major part of that.

Life Coaches: While life coaching isn’t considered “therapy” it’s pretty close! In this world saying “thank you” as well as happy birthday and happy holidays is a great way for them to maintain long term, profitable relationships!

Business Coaches: As with life coaches, everything in the world of business coaching comes down to maintaining the relationship.