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In late 2019, our charcuterie adventure began with a simple post on social media. From that single post it began blossoming into a successful venture that thrives on over 5 years later. Beyond our bustling catering service, we discovered a special joy in teaching – hosting sold-out classes that became not just a passion but a profitable extension of our expertise.

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Currently we can do anywhere from 2 – 5 classes per week. Often they are hosted at a local upscale restaurant and other times they can be at a host location or commercial building. But each time we make sure to charge a minimum per seat. For local self-hosted that can be $75 – $85 with a minimum of 20 and a max of 75. (what the room can hold) If we are traveling to a location the cost will often be higher. Sometimes that will range $120/seat or higher.

You can do the math on this. But as you can see, with margins often 65% – 70%, these can be a VERY high profit way to generate a healthy income stream. And inside this course we will take you through each step in the process. INCLUDING our most profitable method for getting total strangers to sign up.

Why This Course?

This course is perfect for BOTH those with a fully licensed commercial business as well as those who are just getting started. This is because courses can both be your gateway into the charcuterie world without the steep startup costs as well as a strong profit center in your existing business. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a charcuterie enthusiast dreaming of turning your passion into a business, we’ve designed this course with you in mind.

You can host classes no matter if you are already a licensed charcuterie caterer or if you are a content creator wanting to monetize! In most cases you will not need to have a special license, commercial kitchen or very much of anything! You can literally just set up and go!

Stand Apart in the Charcuterie Space

The unique approach you’ll learn will equip you with systems and strategies for efficiency and client acquisition, setting you apart in the charcuterie industry. We focus on what others often don’t which are real, actionable techniques to streamline your process and grow your client base.

What You Will Achieve

With just a dash of effort, a sprinkle of reliability, and a hearty appetite for food styling, you’ll learn how to transform your charcuterie passion into profit. No extensive skills required—just the drive to succeed and the joy of sharing beautiful, delicious creations.

Engage and Grow

You can dive in and consume this course at your pace, enriched with the knowledge to launch your charcuterie workshops. Questions? Our inbox is always open for your queries, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way.

Embark on a journey where passion meets profit, and where your charcuterie dreams are just a workshop away.

Welcome aboard – where your charcuterie adventure begins.