Content Disclosure

This educational journey is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to host your own charcuterie workshops. Here’s what you need to know about our program content:

  1. Program Structure: Our course includes a variety of lessons covering a wide range of topics from basic charcuterie preparation to hosting successful workshops.
  2. Content Authenticity: All techniques, tips, and advice are based on our real-world experience running a successful charcuterie workshops locally.
  3. Interactive Components: While the course is totally on-demand, participants are encouraged to engage with us via email for questions or clarifications.
  4. Commercial Intent: The course aims to provide you with the skills to potentially start or enhance your own charcuterie-related business.
  5. No Required Skills: This course is open to all, regardless of prior experience in charcuterie or business.
  6. Outcome Variability: Individual success in hosting charcuterie workshops can vary based on personal effort, market conditions, and other factors beyond the scope of this program.
  7. Updates and Accuracy: The content is accurate and as up to date as it can be. As the industry changes we will be updated periodically to reflect new insights or updates.

By enrolling in and using our program, you acknowledge and accept these content disclosures. Our goal is to provide you with valuable knowledge to embark on your charcuterie journey confidently.